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Product Video Add Module

Product Video Add Module
Product Video Add Module
Product Video Add Module
Product Video Add Module
Product Video Add Module
Product Video Add Module

Product Video Add Module

Product Video Add Module, designed to revolutionize your online marketing strategy. In the dynamic world of e-commerce, captivating visuals are paramount in engaging potential customers and driving sales. With our module, seamlessly integrate high-quality product videos into your website, transforming the browsing experience for your audience. Gone are the days of static images; now, immerse your customers in a dynamic showcase of your products. Showcase intricate details, demonstrate functionality, and evoke emotions through vivid video content. Harness the power of storytelling to convey the unique selling points of your products and forge a deeper connection with your audience. Our Product Video Add Module offers unparalleled flexibility and convenience. Effortlessly upload and manage videos directly within your website's interface, eliminating the need for complex integrations or third-party platforms. With customizable playback options, you have full control over how your videos are presented, ensuring a seamless fit with your brand's aesthetic. Moreover, harness valuable insights with built-in analytics, tracking viewer engagement and behavior to refine your marketing strategy further. Stay ahead of the curve in the competitive e-commerce landscape with our cutting-edge Product Video Add Module. Elevate your online presence, captivate your audience, and drive conversions like never before. Experience the future of product marketing today.

Easy Installation:

Login to Admin Panel: Log in to your Againcart admin panel using your credentials.

Navigate to Extensions: Once logged in, navigate to the "Extensions" section in the admin panel.

Access the Installer: Within the Extensions section, locate and click on the "Installer" option.

Upload Module Zip File: Click on the "Upload" button and select the module zip file from your local system. Then, click "Open" or "Upload" to proceed with the file upload.

Modify Admin Panel: After uploading the module, go to the "Modification" section in the admin panel. Make any necessary modifications to ensure compatibility with your admin panel.

Select Module Type: From the Extensions menu, select "Modules" to manage modules specifically.

Install Module: Locate the module you uploaded from the list of available modules. Click on the "Install" button next to the module to initiate the installation process.

Edit Module Settings: After installing the module, find the module in the list and click on the "Edit" button.

Change Status: Enable any desired options or configurations, then save your changes.

Select Journal Option: Within the Journal section, locate and click on the "Product Extras > Extra Modules > Product Details Edit" option.

Select Catalog Option: Within the Catalog section, locate and click on the "Products" option and add video links.

Product Video Add Module
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Created 27 Mar 2024
Last Update 27 Mar 2024

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